A Million Miles Away – Arrows To Fire (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As soon as the broad and buoyant sonic brushstrokes of A Million Miles Away start pumping out of the stereo, it reminds me that some sounds are quintessentially of a specific place. In this case, America. Much as other countries have long emulated their style, this sounds like the sort of glorious racket that you only associate with The USA. I’m not sure if it is Americana as such, I’ve never really understood what that term really means anyway but as soon as I hear it I can’t help but think of endless roads and wide-open spaces, big skies and iconic skylines, the romance of the landscape twinned with the hustle and hassle of its urban sprawls.

It is reminiscent of the best of 80’s college rock but also of those anthemic, alternative rock bands which followed such as Counting Crows, Stone Temple Pilots…perhaps even Pearl Jam and The Foo Fighters. Rock certainly, but also shot through with a countrified soul, one that they have probably picked up through osmosis rather than any conscious desire to pack up and relocate to The Music City.

Inspired, in part, by the strife and struggles of the Lockdown and the additional issues of being a musician separated from their usual workspace, A Million Miles Away is both a song about those times as well as being of those times.

A gloriously upbeat slice of big, buoyant, beautiful alt-rock music. If this is the sound of the “new normal” then I heartily approve.

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