A Century Entirely – Joe Mayk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whilst I have always used a few very obvious handles to try to convey Joe Mayk’s sound -Americana, alt-rock, alt-country, indie – you know the usual shorthand of the lazy journo’, A Century Entirely seems to defy even those broad literary brush strokes. I guess all of those sounds and styles are in there somewhere but which you catch on to first depends on just how you hold this gem up to the light. And that, at the end of the day, is the art of it really. Use familiar sounds as your building blocks but weave them together into a new sonic design and do so in such a way that nobody can see the joins.

And that is what is happening here. Turn it so that it catches the light one way and you get a jaunty pop groove, another and it’s all about earnest country emotions, sometimes it flashes with effortless indie cool, at others rock and roll weight. It touches on so many genres never committing to any one and taking a certain essence from each to create something wonderfully unique. Unique is a hard thing to trade on in today’s world with so much music being made, it’s also a word loaded with hyperbole but considering that I’m having so much trouble trying to nail down exactly what is going on here, surely that means that unique has to be the way to describe it. Still, who cares what it is or where it fits in, isn’t it enough just to know that you like it. Did I say like it….I mean love it.

Listen to A Century Entirely – here.

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