8 Bit – Norse Foundry (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Perhaps they have and I’m just out of the loop but as a concept what Norse Foundry do seems like the logical collision of worlds, a place where Role Playing and Tabletop gaming meets underground music. When gathered round the table for a session of your favourite Cyberpunk Role Playing Game or Dungeon delving rules, Space Trading Empire Builder or even a quick spin around the Talisman board, setting the mood is key. You dim the lights, get into the right frame of mind and let your alter-ego take over. Well, now, to that end, you can also download music from Norse Foundry to enhance your session…free to use and with no (legal) strings attached.

8 Bit, as the title suggests is a collection of electronic music which feels like someone has done some deft and delicate remixes of 80’s console game incidental music, removed the annoying and more nursery rhyme elements and replaced them with underground clubland sounds and ambient experimentation. The result is like Mario Disco, with the part of Mario being played by some cool and cutting edge musical alchemist.

It’s a great start…I assume it’s the start, like I say, I’m probably out of the loop, it’s been a while since I unsheathed a +1 Scimitar or took the safety catch off a needle gun and headed into the fray… and it’s generally upbeat nature mixed with lulling lows make it perfect for high octane games where you want to create tension…not to mention for the casual, non-gamer listener.

I’m also intrigued to see what comes next. Gothic classical drifts for when you are hunting Cthulhu cultists? Rousing, high-tech military marches for when your fleet of X-wings starts the bombing run on an Imperial base? Medieval-infused madrigals to go with the bar room brawl you have just started in the Broken Drum Inn? Who knows? I can’t wait.

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