15133963_10154133033012643_1551208150_oI’m old enough to remember when this would have been called New Wave, but only because the previous wave had disappeared without a trace and journalists always need to put things in neat boxes. Whilst the collection of bands which became known as post-punk worshiped at a more artsy and earnest idol, the likes Elvis Costello, XTC and Cheap Trick had set about reinventing power-pop with a renewed twitchy and agitated energy under such a moniker.

The reality is, of course, that what the wonderfully named Leisure McCorkle does is a timeless, cyclical thing and represents nothing less than the constant reinvention of pop music. For this is pop, pop-rock if you like but that is splitting hairs really. Not the production line, throw away stuff that clogs up today’s charts like acoustic hair balls in the sonic plug hole of creativity, but the big brash, hook rich and vibrant guitar driven stuff that joins so many dots throughout musical history.

Dots such as 60’s psychedelic and power-pop bands, the 70’s punk after-party, the 80’s quest for new pop, the 90’s haze of shoegaze and so on into the modern age. But as much as this comes from the past it also heads for the future and as it does so it reminds us that sometimes you don’t need massive reinventions, to force genres into weird fusion scenes or to exist in a genre isolation tank of one. Sometimes it is just about taking the tried and tested stuff that you have always loved and giving it a new paintjob and some air in the tires before jumping inside and racing off into a bright new musical sunrise.

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