Rooftop Trees – 3 South and Banana (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Roll up, roll up, step inside the psychedelic circus of France born singer and producer Aurelien Bernard where his new EP is groaning under the pressure of four perfectly formed pop tunes. This is the sort of music Dali would have listened to while conjuring images of leaping tigers and floppy clock faces, it’s a colourful journey into double-tracked vocals, neat percussion and music stylings that would have given Syd Barrett a run for his money.

The EP starts with a sudden introduction, music and vocals begin together and we’re on our way weaving through effect-laden guitar, cavernous-deep bass and hints of the swinging sixties, just sit back and let yourself go.

It’s an interesting ride and one that shows surprising variation and a control for what is happening, from the outside it seems jumbled together and chaotic but, a little like Willy Wonka, Bernard ties all these strange ingredients together and makes it strangely accessible.

Track four, ‘Soleil’ is straight from the Brian Eno-era Roxy Music with its synth soundscapes and saxophone noodling.

If you like music to resemble crazy art and you find yourself partial to early Pink Floyd or the Mad Professor approach to music, give this a listen.

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