If the thought of chilled, drifty, laid-back guitar-led music that succeeds at being haunting and poppy all at once is your thing, visit your nearest download-y place and get a slice of Canadian singer Jadea Kelly’s new album because this is for you!

Think Taylor Swift mixed with Lana Del Rey and you’re halfway there, maybe throw in some Stevie Nicks and some Olivia Rodrigo for the dreamy production, but this is more than sounding like something else, this is pop with heart and guts, something that music is sadly lacking at the moment.

Jadea has the ability to pull you in before breaking your heart with her vulnerability and deftly delivered lyrics. The strength of the songs lies in the fact that there is no rush, there is a groove to each track that allows the listener to sit back and enjoy the ride. There are catchy moments such as the uplifting moments in ‘Roses’ (set against a David Lynch-esque slide guitar that would suit any Twin Peaks montage of a rural community in the woods).

Jadea spends her time between rural Ontario and Los Angeles and the contrasting influences of both places come through in the music. At times it feels like a country girl gone pop (check out ‘Pitch Black’ for the Americana flavour and ‘Any Old Boat’ features a superb old-time feel of porch singing with friends, a beer and a banjo) and then other times the songwriting and performances remind you that this is someone at the top of their game, making clever choices and succeeding at all of them.

This has the power to transport you to late-night driving with the windows down while the moon lights the sky and bugs smash the windscreen, it’s THAT good.

By now you probably realise that I think this album is brilliant, it hits the spot on so many levels, good songs, good lyrics, good stories, good musicians and a total bolt from the blue. One of my picks of the year. Will I listen to the album again? Yes. Do I think you should listen to it too? YES!

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