Supplemental Pills succeed with this fantastic debut release. At times primal and raw, Supplemental Pills crest on a wave of drone, and fuzz, songs that slow burn, pulsate, and groove. While not trying to fit in with any particular genre, as a group, pushing the boundaries of what is considered psychedelic drone rock. Where other groups fail, Supplemental Pills excels when it comes to an engaging melody. Eastern-influenced sounds that flourish up against lap steel guitar and a booming rhythm section—a slow-motion explosion of sound.

Supplemental Pills is a Portland, Oregon, based drone-psych-rock four-piece formed during the pandemic and eventual quarantine. After calling time on his group Hearts of Oak, Ezra Meredith brought together his brother, guitarist/pedal steel player Joel Meredith, Hearts of Oak’s bassist/synth player Aron Christensen, and drummer/backing vocalist Mark Folkrod. It started as a gathering of friends for jam sessions that eventually turned into something far more serious and heavier. Songs began to develop during hours of improvisation. “The album is a collection of songs we built out of nothing. We are like-minded friends that got together at my studio and jammed on some musical ideas, in a very collaborative effort, with no plans to release anything or to become an active band,” says Meredith.

Supplemental Pills are currently in the studio finishing their second record and are looking forward to blowing minds with hallucinogenic live experiences. Freak out and follow the drone.

Listen To Volume 1 here –

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