As I sit here with a gentle breeze wafting into the office on a hot day, the title already appeals to me. But as soon as the song starts telling its story you realise that isn’t the sort of warm that E.G. Holmes has in mind as he soothes and serenades us with his heartfelt lyrics. No, he is talking about an altogether more intimate sort of warmth.

This is a love song, one that dedicates itself to the feeling of warmth and security, of being protected and enlivened by the sheer close to someone who whole-heartedly loves you. It is a timeless feeling, a tale as old as humanity and yet so universal and relatable that we never get tired of hearing such sentiments, not when the song is done properly anyway. And make no mistake, this is how you do such a song properly.

Dave Edwards’s vocals are the perfect combination of tenderness and experience, an honest and mature take on the subject and the music behind is a choice blend of pop accessibility and rock groove, with just the slightest hint of rootsy Americana thrown in for good measure.

As well as being widely available on all discerning music platforms, it is easy to see why this track was selected to be part of the Kryp II Knight Volume III showcase coming out via Bongo Boy Records this summer.

Love songs are two-a-penny, ubiquitous, almost to the point of being to prevelant and considering what a broad and brilliant subject love is, it is surprising how many people end up with a cloying, cliched result when they try to fashion such sentiments into song. But that is what makes Warm stand apart from the rest. For here we have a song which is honest and relatable, emotive and empathetic…in a word real!

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