Every time I hear The Judex‘s dulcet tones I get the feeling that someone has created a sound with me in mind. In fact, so much so that I have to have a quick look through my record collection and check the locks to ensure that someone hasn’t broken in, stolen some of my favourite albums and used them as reference points. Hang on. Nope, no signs of forced entry, no albums missing, it must all be in my head.

But it is uncanny. Imagine if you took the MC5, The Ramones, Elvis, The Gun Club, The Cramps, Chuck Berry, Jack Daniels and a few wraps of speed and put them through a blender to create the ultimate rock and roll not-so-smoothie? Well, the resulting cocktail would sound a lot like Cult of Judex, which has just been re-released in all its vinyl glory by those lovely people at that bastion of all things wonderfully nostalgic and effortlessly cool, Hyperloop Records.

It’s the sound of unabashed rock and roll; punked-up, sleazed out, slung low and loaded with attitude. And once they have mown you down with the out of control sonic vehicle which is the fantastically swagger-some A-side, they screech to a halt, slam things into reverse and knock you back into the dirt with the equally awesome Witchface, a bundle of neurotic sounding vocals, speed freak bass lines and slashes of razor-wire guitars.

If you think that Glen Danzig is still the heir apparent to the Evil Elvis crown, then you need to give The Judex a spin, frontman Wiz would leave him battered, bruised and sobbing in an alleyway in a heartbeat, showing him up for the chancer that he is without even breaking a sweat.

The Judex…it’s much more than just a cult, its a whole rock and roll way of life!

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