At least someone is looking forward, even if the “new normal” is as yet an unclear and fluid notion. KyD Kahlil kicks things off musing on what the future might bring rather than dwelling on the difficulties of the past, which is something that we all need to start doing. The future is unwritten…isn’t that the whole point?

But it isn’t all future predictions and musing on what’s to come, many of the songs are a commentary on his life, narratives born of the streets he walks every day, tales of life and love, ambition and attitudes, the hustle and hassle of the day-to-day.

And, like all albums based on a rap/trap/hip-hop template, it is the lyrical delivery that counts for everything. Here the KyD juggles dexterous wordplay and decisive lyrical flows, not always particularly fast (although check out De-Railed if you want to hear what he can really do) but often swapping speed for poise and perfect placement to make and impact. And that is a much harder trick to pull off. But pull it off he does.

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