1st Klase – Feng Shui (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Feng Shui is the ancient art of being at one with your environment, 1st Klase takes this idea and applies it to a broader, more modern world. The song celebrates the idea of creating a harmonious world around you, through which you can live life to the fullest, and is unapologetic about its single-minded aim. But whilst that might, at first, seem to be a fairly selfish approach, the broader message is about being comfortable in your own skin, adopting a positive attitude from the harmony that you have created around yourself and using that energy for the greater good.

Feng Shui is driven by a slow hip-hop groove and a skittering trap beat but around that all manner of other cool sonics are woven. A chilled, island vibe, sassy R&B moves and some underground pop accessibility join the proceedings and the resulting clash of urban hip-hop and beach-side soulfulness makes for a most unique song altogether. Philosophical rap? Whatever will they think of next?

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