Судьба (Gruw Frequency Prod.) – Vasily G. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s when something like this comes my way that I am reminded of the scope and scale of music itself, of its potential to connect people and of its power to instigate creative culture collisions and build sonic scenes which spread beyond country and creed, genre and geographical location.

Vasily G. is originally from Istanbul and as he raps the immediate power of communication gets lost in translation somewhere between his vocal broadcast and my ability to receive and understand it. But what might seem like a blockage between him the artist and me the listener actually becomes a positive thing. Because the true meaning of the lyrical message is lost on me, I instead tap into the emotive one, the one formed by the sound of the words, the resonance of the delivery, the power and poise with which he shapes his sonic inscape and rather than his music talking directly to my logical, conscious brain, it is instead picked up by my illogical, emotive heart…perhaps even my soul.

And perhaps that is how we should all listen to music, bypass the meaning and tap into the emotive communication which lies deeper within. I could attempt to analyse what he is trying to say but it would be meaningless. Instead it is much more useful to talk how it makes me feel, how his ever spiralling, incendiary deliveries build tension, how the skittering trap percussion adds an element of edge, how the vocals build hypnotic spirals and of how the whole maelstrom of music oozes power and purpose.

If we shared a language then I’m sure that this song would make me think. Instead it makes me do something much better. It makes me feel.

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