VomitfaceNew Jersey punky surf-grungers Vomitface are one of those bands with a name that perfectly encapsulates the sound they create, as well as one that will ensure they remain heroically underground for their entire career. And from what you can hear from their releases, I am sure this is not entirely by accident, the combination of sludgy guitars, distorted basslines, tribal, huge beats and spoken, whispered and screamed vocals do not shout “mainstream” in any way. But, akin to a lot of their obvious influences – Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Devo and any other number of proto-grunge outfits along with the surf-punk noodlings of the Ramones and some math-y Slint style undertones – the mainstream is something that they really couldn’t care less about.

The debut, self titled EP is due out any moment now, check out lead track “Huffer” here: https://soundcloud.com/prescription-pr/vomitface-huffer

According the the band  “Huffer” was written about this time Miley Cyrus came over to hang out our house while Keller was recording a grindcore band when we lived in Nashville. They were doing whatever they could to get blazed, including wrapping their faces in cellophane soaked in paint thinner. We found them in the basement out of their minds. They were mumbling incoherently about cannibalism and the last supper.”

Kinda says it all really.

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