Little Big Things – Jeff Engholm (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Jeff Engholm is known for a variety of reasons. He is an aclaimed jazz and rock bassist, is known for recreating the iconic sonic majesty of classic bands and their most famous albums from The Eagles to The Beatles to Wings and more besides. He can be found playing with The Collective Unconcious and he is a recording engineer and studio boss of some note.

But here we find him following very much a singer-songwriter pathway, one that blends fantastic melodicism and immediacy with some deft, folk-infused song crafting. Out Of Sight, Out of Mind is a gloriously buoyant and upbeat affair, Someday Soon is a gentle, Paul Simon-esque soother and Gathering For Winter has a distinctly English and understated folk revival grace to it. There is even room for a scorching, searing rocker in the form of Wake Up With You.

Engholm’s musical resume seems to be pretty impressive already, with this solo outing he has ticked another box and done so masterfully. Come on Jeff, you’re starting to make everyone else look like they aren’t really trying!

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