Perhaps because the first music I heard by him was the dulcet tones of Angel Woman is why I associate JD Days with the more romantic end of the musical spectrum. Of course, since my first encounter I now realise that he is a man of many sonic talents and musical turns, that he is as pop as he is poetic and even political when he choses to be, that he can rant and rap as easily as he can rock or romance. But I guess it is all about first impressions, and mine is of him being the love-lorn troubadour, serenading and seductive. And it is to such a vibe that he returns for his latest release, Evergreen Christmas.

A deftly finger-picked acoustic-pop song with just the hint of country infusions, especially when the liquid sounds of the lead guitar wander through and the violins break out the bluegrass fiddle vibe. But like all such songs of the heart, it is the message which is everything and here the timeless tale is of, not only “finding the one” but knowing that she was “the one” from the first flutter-hearted moment.

It is very easy in today’s political climate to find yourself railing against the ills of the world, pandemics and politics in particular, and JD has even wandered through such territory himself with the apolitical Vote Now, albeit with tongue slightly in cheek and aiming for the more late night party sing-along than anything more hard-hitting and politically earnest.

But it is also a time when we should be counting our blessings and if your chief blessing happens to be your spouse or partner, your shoulder to lean on…perhaps even to cry on, then remember to tell them how important they are to you. And if you are not great at putting into words just how you feel, JD has already done the hard work for you. Just play them this song to express how you really feel about them. Simple.

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