If soundscapes are your thing, look no further than the new release from ‘Missing Scenes’. The music here is grand, cinematic and explorative and deserves your undivided attention – oh, and the best set of headphones you can get your hands on.

Being only four tracks in length, what the album lacks in quantity it makes up with quality, this is unrushed, calming and deep.

It plays out like the soundtrack to a vast sci-fi movie with hints of Vangelis, John Williams and Brian Eno yet holds the occasional surprise with the vibrating tone of ‘Ysrea’ and the muted percussion of ‘Creating Space To Dream’.

The project is based around the full moons of the calendar year and this is the first part of three instalments (the following releases will be Pink Moon/Buck Moon and finally Sturgeon Moon/Beaver Moon) and came about after a night-time walk during a full moon. The decision was made to record a piece of music with each full moon using field recordings and the wizardry of James Plotkin who mastered each track.

The sound is glorious and hypnotic and would be ideal for a reflective period when you can be alone with your thoughts to simply drift off into another world.

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