Since singles are designed to lure you into an album, Fade is my first sonic port of call. And what a cracker of a song it is. That right blend of infectious pop awareness and incendiary rock swagger, the sort of sound that put the likes of Transvision Vamp on the map back in the day.

And, having experienced that short, sharp, and shockingly astute slice of gritty pop-rock, how can you not then dive right into the whole album? At the risk of torturing a double negative, it can’t not be done. So I did.

What an album! If you think that singles are necessarily the best of a bunch of songs and represent the highest benchmark found on any given album, you are wrong, or at least, that clearly isn’t the case here. The petulant, poised, and punchy Waste of My Time, the deft and driven Beautiful Girl, and the bruised and brooding Patti Smith-infused delights of The Look In Your Eyes could all easily provided the lead singles from this fantastic album. Then again, so could almost anything else found here. An embarrassment of sonic riches indeed.

If someone played you this and told you that it was a Greatest Hits compilation, you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. And that speaks volumes. Dontcha think?

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