Balloon Ascents EP CoverBalloon Ascents are a young Oxford band earmarked for really big things. They have some really heavyweight support behind the scenes from some of Oxford’s music royalty (members of Radiohead & Stornoway are taking a keen interest) and it is immediately obvious why there is all the buzz.

From very first listen this release is a mature, slick indie-pop gem, positively dripping in the kind of smart, melancholic modern pop that the likes of  Tame Impala and London Grammar have utilised to great effect. Clever mathy beats and sweet little grooves nestle amongst crystalline melodies and more reverb than you can shake a wobbly stick at. All this trickery is then tempered with some delightful acoustic soul, giving the band great, solid cake upon which to layer all of their dreamy whipped cream sonic wonderfulness. A great combination that should have you coming back for seconds.

With this great collection of songs as a calling card and with age on their side (they look so young it is scary) and the whole image package coming together they are hitting all the right targets for greater success. Watch this lot; they could do rather well for themselves.

Original version published in The Ocelot magazine Feb 15

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