Lily Amis is open and honest enough to admit that her ability to make music, write and tell stories is the main reason she is still around. To her, the process offers an anti-depressant lifeline, an outlet, and a way of stopping her concerns, thoughts and anxieties from remaining bottled up inside her.

And, given such a platform, it seems only fitting that she uses such a privileged platform to say something helpful, relevant, poignant and even powerful, to send a message to the world through her music rather than fill the creative air with more music lacking in authenticity, integrity and honesty.

YoYo & Chess is just such a message. It broaches the idea that we are all beholden to puppet masters, no matter our station in life – class, creed, position or power. That we are all part of a game. Sometimes we are forced into the role of pawns moving as predicated by unseen strategists according to a plan we don’t know. Sometimes we are just being pulled back and forth like a YoYo, subject to unseen physical forces. The story within the song is both her story and our own. And, with war raging around the globe more than ever, social unrest on the rise and displaced populations continually pushed and pulled against their will, more relevant than ever.

As always, she created the song in collaboration with artist, singer, and producer Thir13een; it is everything the modern urban-infused pop song should be. Beat driven, groovesome, infectious and accessible. But unlike most songs made in pop quarters, it has a layer of depth and profundity that makes it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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