The Three of Us is a song that comes from the heart and is based on experience. And even though the events that the song is based on happened decades ago, sadly, in these ever-darkening times, it still seems pertinent.

The song documents what it means to be an outcast in society, a refugee in a land where phrases such as “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” have long since lost meaning. At the time, it seemed that doors were not only being shut in the narrator’s face but actively slammed and locked. But it is only with hindsight that the realisation that there were better angels, good people and a higher authority watching over them, even if their presence couldn’t often be felt.

And so the song takes a skittering, dance-pop beat, an R&B groove, Thir13een’s of-the-moment vocal style and an accessible stance and reminds us that even in our darkest hour, there are people you can turn to.

This is the latest song from Lily Amis to deal with significant issues such as immigration, refugee status and a fractured and intolerant society. Songs such as 80 Million People deal with the plight of refugees worldwide, Blood is Always Red deals with issues of war and discrimination, and The Stolen Years is a musical extension and summary of Lily Amis’ memoir, The Stolen Years in Zurich.

Unfortunately, we need artists such as Lily Amis and songs such as these, but we do…perhaps more than ever before. Having a platform to reach out to whole swathes of people is one thing; using it to spread such poignant and powerful messages is another. Thankfully people such as Lily Amis realise the power of music and spreading the word…the word being tolerance. (And empathy, love, compassion….)

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