Scene and Heard – CCCXCI : Candle in the Sea – Eomeight (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

7YDYyDYn_400x400When you read that a song has been inspired by the beauty of meditation it is quite natural to have formed some preconceptions as to what sort of music is likely to follow. Something dreamlike, transient, gentle and built along simple lines perhaps? And whilst Candle in the Sea is indeed all of those things, it is as far removed from the wispy, twee, new age expectations that have already formed unbidden in your mind.

Imagine if Johnny Cash, in one of his rarer lighter moods had written something to help you to sleep and you would be nearer the mark. An engaging acoustic riff and a soulful voice are almost the whole story, just some extra guitar textures and a simple beat later on, but definitely a song drawn from the book of “less is more” and it is the space and atmosphere that makes it such an effective song. And what is more, every instrument you hear on the song is played by the man himself. how cool is that? Soothing and sultry, gentle and gorgeous. It’s healthy to have your expectations quashed from time to time, especially when what does so also greatly exceeds them.

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