Scene and Heard – CCCLXI: G Code –  Pelle Price (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

lpcppmlghhgaoeopIf the term devotional music conjures images of straight laced artists following the same old templates, of fervent gospel or august choral music then Pelle Price is hear to change your perceptions. For whilst G-Code is very much an expression of his faith and world view, of spiritual concerns over material ones, it is done so in a very cool way.

Fast and fluid rapped lyrics, hard hitting musical dynamics and a track that is simultaneously effortlessly smooth and fresh, exciting and edgy. Everything moves with the times, evolves and changes to represent the world it finds itself and so it is only natural that the modern artist would use the latest sounds and the most cutting edge styles to create the music that best expresses their feelings. And Pelle Price is the perfect messenger for our times, speaking in a language that is relevant and exciting. The sentiment may be as old as civilisation itself but that doesn’t mean that the delivery system can’t be the most effective and up to date.

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