If any genre is allowed to be self-referencing and creatively recyclable then you have to give hip-hop a pass on that score. Any genre born from sampling, splicing and slicing, rewording and reworking can always be forgiven for taking classics of their own genre, in this case Salt-n-Pepa’s iconic Push It, as a core vibe for a new musical outing. But if that is what gets you through the door, it is what lies beyond it that makes the track stand out.

Lyrical flow and confident beats top and tail a sultry bass line, dynamic interest is maintained with strange electronic breakdowns and upbeat crescendos and a hypnotic middle ground keeps the listener intrigued. Just a hint of the familiarity of the original groove can be heard running along the base of the song and that universally recognisable vocal stabs in occasionally to great affect but what Marc has created here is some thing new, something at the cutting edge of hip-hop but also something grounded in the history of the genre.

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