We know that Brian Charles Tischleder can handle big, ornate and busy sounds. His masterful album, This Town, proved that and then some. Well, the new single, Paul and Babe, just underlines those skills, being a cool collection of funky soul and groovy rock and roll. A heady blend indeed.

Right from the off, it grabs you by the scruff of the neck, leads you to the dancefloor (whether real or imagined) and dares you not to take a spin, throw some crazy shapes, cut a rug, flip your wig…or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

It is high-octane, energetic to the point of euphoric, bluesy, groovy and full of life. Pianos rock, drums roll, Hammonds howl at the moon, brass stabs and swaggers, guitars lick and Tishleder tops it all off with one of those voices that suggests that he has seen, tackled and wrung a lot out of life. And the most impressive thing is that it manages to do all that in under three minutes. Impressive indeed.

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