Monowhales has spent the past year putting out some pretty intense, dark songs, but now they get to shift gears and share a fun “summer banger.”

As they themselves tell us, “RICH$$$” is a song about how people in your life can make you feel rich! That could be your significant other, good friends, your music scene, or any other community you’re a part of. The special people in our lives remind us of what’s truly important – community and connection.

Expect super-pop hooky vocals, big doomy guitars and bass in the chorus, raging rave synths, and maximum good vibes. 

We are stoked that filmmaker Grace Turner of the band City Builders had a beautiful visual story to tell when she heard this track. It’s so nice to see other artists filter our music through their experiences and create something unique.

 This one goes out to all your ride or die’s.”

Click here to pre-order our new album, Tunnel Vision, slated for release on September 9, 2022. Grab tickets for the Tunnel Vision tour.

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