10985895_10153006228043017_9157061103054198937_nAs soon as you hear this single one name springs to mind. Albini. It is the perfect calling card for the type of band you associate him with and the sort of sound he gives them through his “as live” production methods. Live a Little Less and it’s B side (do we still have such a thing?) is Nirvana turning into Teenage Fanclub and particularly in the lead tracks case, oddly enough, a touch of The Gin Blossoms thrown in for good measure.

It is garage punk, catching the same pop hookability that Cobain was able to inject into the grunge template, it is raw, wilfully and wonderfully under-produced and basic. Yes, you have heard it all before but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth doing again. Wheels don’t need re-inventing, sometimes it is enough to turn a few tricks and leave an unsightly,  indelible mark on the road surface.

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