If ever you needed proof that the only thing that separates music genres is the labels and divisions that we make for ourselves, especially now that geography is no longer an issue, this latest single from Chris Murphy is it.

Try to find the place where folk merges with country, Celtica with Americana, blues vibes with pop accessibility and you will give yourself a headache. The music is so seamless that you can’t hear the joins and anyway, what really would be the point? Call it roots music…hey, just call it music.

If you need a reference point, remember that time that The Pogues collaborated with Steve Earl on Johnny Come Lately? Well, that!

But I digress. Not only is Halfway Around the World a brilliant track, but it’s also the starting point, literally as it opens the album, for Chris‘ latest release, Sovereign. If you like what you hear, then get a pre-order in now. If you don’t like what’s going on here, then you are probably beyond help and we could never be friends in real life. Sorry, some things are just lines in the sand…and this is one of them.

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