For The World –  Malibu Blackout (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Malibu Blackout adhere to both age old truths and totally modern attitudes. On the one hand they understand that if you don’t have a good song in the first place then no amount of studio trickery can polish it up and therefore groove, melody and accessibility are of paramount importance. On the other they take the line that music has gone beyond its once tribal inclinations and so write songs for this post-genre world we find ourselves in, ones that wilfully hop the sonic demarcations of old and defy easy pigeon-holing.

For The World is an infectious beast, one that drives with no small amount of rock muscle but also sparkles with infectious pop sensibility. It is simple but not simplistic in its construction, direct but not cliche in its delivery and contains no small amount of R&B swagger at its core. It also has a wonderful dynamic arc that runs from bluesy minimalism to anthemic rock and back again.

The perfect crossover band? A new take on accessible rock? Pop with a gym membership? Rock showing its more empathic side? Perhaps…or just a band of great songwriters. Let’s just go with that shall we?

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