This record takes a while to get moving. It initially feels like the electronics are driving the artists but after the loops and crunches hook onto a suitable groove the artists enter with shamanic chants and choral calls and responses. This all adds up to a well-considered aural journey.

There are fragments of Swans, Can, Neu and Hawkwind from time to time and these influences combine to navigate a pathway into an original and competent composite artistic voice.

The album has a low countries feel to it. It has a dark underbelly that feels at odds with the more typical easygoing quietness of the region. Definitely more vanitas than well-observed tulips.

‘The End The Score’ is definitely a case of saving the best till last. It is long, expansive and sonically beguiling. I could listen to this till the Charolais come home.

If you like dark noise, loops, chants and a soupçon of pagan ritual with your toasted cramique, this is definitely a record for you. Other breakfast breads are available.

I’ll be looking out for any future work from this collaboration.

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