Taken from her current album, Muscle and Skin, Do You Ever Think of Me is a song loaded with meaning. On the surface, it is a gentle reflection on half-forgotten relationships and musing about where previous partners might be in their life and if you are ever in their thoughts. For Hannah Fairlight it is loaded with additional depth, a nod to a relationship that she had in her twenties as an out, gay woman and a recognition of how her own life has changed, being that she is now happily married to a man with a family of her own. In these respects, it is a song that is both deeply personal and universally relatable and also a reminder that love and relationships take many forms.

Musically it is a lilting folk-pop song, easy and accessible, spacious and deftly crafted and whilst it has mass appeal across many ages, genres and tastes, there is a maturity to the song which might be lost on some. For this reason, it is fair to say that it is aimed at the more discerning pop picker or folk fan. Pop music for grown-ups!

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