Opening with a real anthem middle-finger salute to the last year and the difficulties and isolation that it ushered in, 2020 simply unleashes all of the pent up frustrations that we have all been feeling and does so to a runaway, pop-punk beat and a groovesome gallop. The perfect calling card for a new band and the perfect way to begin an ep.

But after kicking off with such a charging track, the ep is smart enough to explore a number of other sonic paths too. Andie is a delicate, pop-rock piece leaning more towards bands such as The Goo Goo Dolls than the Nirvana influences which preceded it and Hurt Me built from a sound and swagger which is alt-rock with a touch of New Wave strut about it. Bittersweet rounds off with Peaches And Cream, a deft and delicate piece of sentimental and loved-up alt-pop, as great as it is unexpected.

Bluedive might be a band of today and there is no mistaking that in their sound in that regard but their influences, reference points and touchstones feel like they are from an altogether earlier time. Proving, as always that, all music is formed by standing on the shoulders of sonic giants.

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