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Dancing About Architecture is a predominantly unpaid site helping to support, promote and champion new, unsigned and off the radar music. Whilst we wish to keep the site free of advertising (except event posters) even a small site like this costs money to run and if you wish to see us continue there are a couple of ways that you can support us.


If you are a band or artist who we have reviewed or promoted free of charge and you would like to drop a few coins in the hat then anything you can spare is appreciated and can be done via paypal at


Think of it as less like paying for a review but more ensuring that we are still around to write about your next release.

More general support in the form of sharing our articles, spreading the word, pointing your musician friends in our direction and the like is also appreciated.

Any way you can help is much appreciated and we thank you for your time and continued support for  our little music enterprise.

If you wish to send your music for review consideration then either e-mail me at


or send to

Dave Franklin
21 Portsmouth Street