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Empty Bottles – Scoot Horton (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


Having been (perfectly, in my opinion) described as “Woody Guthrie meets The Sex Pistols,” Scoot Horton makes music where those two respective genres merge perfectly. And why not? Rock ‘n’ roll was forged from country and blues and this new album from Scoot Horton is the perfect reunion of those sounds, topped off with punk swagger and rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

Old Punks sums the above up perfectly, a jaunty, joyous reflection of what happens when the fire of youth eventually matures – you’ll be singing the refrain “Old punks don’t die, they go country,” before you know it.

Bank Man is a riotous and rebellious country corker, Carcass follows a similarly fired up sonic template and Thank You is pure garage rock – Johnny Thunders with a pickup truck, perhaps!

Empty Bottles is a glorious paean to growing old disgracefully, or at least not letting go of the vim and vigour of your formative years. And if Scoot might be wearing more country trappings these days, both sonically and sartorially, it’s nice to know that a punk heart still beats inside his chest. How do I know? I’ve just played Empty Bottles…twice!

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