No one can deny that Healthy Junkies are a punk band at heart. But what makes them interesting is how far they push those punk boundaries to create music that blurs the generic lines. Not for them the regimented punk by numbers rules which have become the strange irony rooted at the heart of this once expressive and exploratory music.

Streets of Olympia sees them take that punk spirit and send it spiralling through some late eighties indie-pop references. The contrast of incendiary riffs and raw energy, with some very accessible pop sensibilities topped off with Nina Courson’s sweet vocals immediately reminds us of how much we miss bands such as The Primitives, The Darling Buds and Transvision Vamp briefly stomping all over the charts.

But that was then and this is now and Healthy Junkies are all about where punk goes rather than where its been. And with this addictive blend of punk fire and pop sass, it is safe to say that punk has a very healthy (pun intended) journey ahead of it.

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