Having already dedicated one four-track ep of songs to the female of the species, it was perhaps inevitable that Farron Gordon would return with another batch of songs about the same. After all, the subject of attraction, dating, relationships, love and everything else that sparks between, male and female, man and woman, boy and girl, is such a broad and beguiling subject, how were four songs ever going to even begin to cover it?

And so, Songs About Girls (Part 2) is another four sonic salvos driven by a cutting edge hip-pop, dance-rap, slow pop vibe. Rounds kick things off, a bass-pulsing, sultry groove which is essentially one long pick up line interspersed with melodic choruses. Out of Here is more upbeat, more energetic, skittering trap percussion and swirling electronica acting as a platform for the rap/sung verse/chorus dual vocal attack.

Swing My Way, is a mercurial blend of R&B and urban pop, rap and dance, a hypnotic almost spoken-word delivery contrasting nicely with the more mellifluous sung parts to create an interesting and engaging dynamic contrast. Talk About It rounds things off and brings us to a different aspect of relationships. There are problems, there is a need to explain, there is a relationship to be saved. It’s the perfect reminder that not everything is always going to be plain sailing and the art of keeping a relationship moving in the right direction is through talking.

Farron Gordon writes songs that are both realistic and of the moment. Anyone navigating the modern dating scene or embarking on a new relationship will not only recognise but heavily relate to his music. It also combines all of the cutting-edge elements of the modern urban pop sound. I’m not really sure how much more lyrically relevant and sonically of the moment music could get!

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