Songs About Girls – Farron Gordon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music may have first been created as a form of devotion to a higher power but I bet more songs have been written about girls than any other subject. From lewd Dark Age poetic recitals to love-lorn Troubadoic ideals of chivalric romances to the more sophisticated dedications of the pop world, boys have always been boys and boys have always written songs about girls.

And, at the sharp end of such a tradition, we find Farron Gordon and his EP called, naturally enough, Songs About Girls. Across four tracks he tries to empathise with, understand and woo the opposite sex through the medium of song, songs built of trap-infused urban beats, deft lyrical deliveries, understated yet seductive pace and all the trappings of the modern pop-R&B sound.

Attention kicks things off, a song about being the shoulder to cry on, the perfect male friend who will be there for you through the good times and the bad. The song lilts along in buoyant fashion adopting something of a reggaeton groove wandering between straightforward rapped vocals and sweeter, pop-like vocals.

No Rush opts to push those rap deliveries into some darker, more affected, bass-heavy, almost robotic tones, an interesting choice and the perfect contrast to the lighter pop vocal elements. Something Special returns us to the more pop fringes of the urban sound, ticking and skittering trap percussion driving words of warning about not putting the past behind you and this four-track salvo ends with the dulcet tones of Through The Motions, a song that brings together in a two and a bit minute blast all of the sonic moves and signature grooves that the Songs About Girls is built on.

The great thing about Songs About Girls is its combination of freshness and familiarity. The subject matter is timeless and the sonic building blocks have been garnered from everything from pop to hip-hop, soul to electronica. But it is all about the way you put those things together and here, Farron Gordon manages to take those tried and tested sounds and rearrange them in a way that is forward-thinking and the epitome of the modern urban sonic experience.

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