Scene and Heard – CCLXXVIII : Strange – Indira May (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

artworks-000296860131-g77zt3-t500x500There is a wonderful visual metaphor running through the video for Indira May’s debut single, or is it a simile, I should know the difference really. Anyway, the point is that visually the video paints a suitably strange picture, one of a world that mixes the past and present, the slick and the sleazy, a place where fashion, conformity, expectation and even the very notion of gender is a very fluid concept. And that is totally in keeping with a record which does the same with its sonic make up.

It is easy to hear classic jazz and blues hints in both the vocal delivery and the lazy, sultry groove that the song runs on. But equally it plays with a post-modern take on the same, a contemporary splicing of the past and the present, the classic and the cutting edge, old-school elegance and modern sass. Genres are almost a thing of the past, pop is where you find it and even if this isn’t pop music, in the strictest sense, it is damn sure to give pop music a run for its money.

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