Russian Roulette – The Limiñanas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, I couldn’t let this pass by without having my say could I? Being a massive fan of The Lords of The New Church, the writers of the original version of this, it is always great to see such songs getting a second outing. Covering songs is a tricky business. You either try to stay faithful which begs the question why not just play the original or you bring something new and different to the song, which sort of implies that you think that you know better than the people who wrote it. The art, of course, is to find that sweet spot, that middle ground, the place where faith in the original and the chance to re-imagine the song can co-exist.

And that is exactly what The Limiñanas have managed to do here. They seemed to have heightened the feeling of melancholy, taking it out of the dark dance rock vibe that swirled through The Lords work and made it starker, slower, rawer, psychedelic and wonderfully hypnotic, more akin to the likes of The Velvet Underground which I’m sure wouldn’t please its originators no end. Good work.

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