Rush (To Live) – Fully.Charmed (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

All music should evolve. All music must evolve. Even rock music is slowly being dragged kicking and screaming out of the comfort of its sonic tropes and musical traditions, stumbling blinking into the light of a new day and the potential that might offer. And if you want an idea of what music breaking with the past and embracing the future sounds like then you could do a lot worse than give this first outing from Fully.Charmed a spin.

What I immediately love about this track is that they sort of show their workings out as they go along, layering up thunderous beats, bass lines built on rock urgency and an almost funky buoyancy plus deft and sparing piano lines before the full weight of a salvo of grating, riffing, raw-edged guitars comes sliding into earshot like a relentless sonic avalanche.

And once having laid all their cards on the table, Fully.Charmed is clever enough to know that it doesn’t have to play them all at once and instead switches between more considered and intricately wrought rock, subdued and delicate interludes and sky-scrapping, epic metal aural attacks. And it is this ability to wander between these dynamic extremes which really show-cases the wonderful sonic spectrum that the vocals are able to cover. One moment they are an intimate conversation, the next channeling incendiary, high-drama of epic proportions but always clear, concise and controlled.

Rock music is rarely accused of being clever but Rush (to Live) is clever. And then some. More than that it is ornately constructed from many musical threads used sparingly and as required, the musical density of the song coming as much from the collective weight of these intricate, understated bundles of sound as from the song’s high-impact moments.

Anyone can just turn the volume up to make themselves heard. Fully.Charmed grab your attention because, yes, it is hard to ignore the sound that they make but it is not just big it is also elegant and sonically eloquent, shot through with moments of grace as well as grandeur, has real poise to balance out the sheer power.

Like I said, if you want to know what rock music has to do to move with the times, then you have come to the right place.

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