Regrets and Secrets – Angelo Nicola Giuliano (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s a strange job being a music writer. One moment you are trying to capture the energy and euphoria of a high-octane, throw-away techno tune, the next you are putting pen to paper on behalf of classical delicacy and understated piano lines. It shows the eclecticism of my day, but more importantly it shows just how wide the spectrum is for this cultural and artistic phenomena that we call music.

If I’m honest it is to the latter that I am more readily drawn, it seems more appropriate to a person of my age and there is something about such gorgeousness and deft creativity which brings out the better writer in me, or at least puts me more in my comfort zone. Regrets and Secrets, this latest track from Angelo Nicola Giuliano, is as beguiling and beautiful a piece of music as you could wish for, gently chiming cascades occasionally driven on by a more impatient bass urge but more often controlled, crystal clear and cool-headed.

And when coupled with the title, the imagination begins to read more into the piece, conjuring melancholy images of star-crossed lovers and wistful reflections on what may have been, paths not taken and opportunities missed. It is romantic and restrained, filled with love, loss and longing, each note a tug of the heart-string or the sound of a tear falling.

Music is made for many reasons but rarely have I heard it expressive so lovingly and so deep and meaningful in so few carefully chosen notes.

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