Right To The Heart – Sean Amor (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

At the risk of repeating myself, I have to say that any cover found on a release is perhaps the less interesting part of the record. (Yes, I still call them records, get over it.) But sometimes the right choice of cover says a lot about the artist too. I mean, if you throw in... Continue Reading →

Reckless – RX (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop songs driven by acoustic guitar don’t always reap great results. But that’s because most artists essentially try to take a folk music approach to a genre that celebrates very different sonic elements. The result is very often a middle ground, light-weight, ballad, one which makes use of neither pop’s infectious wants nor folks’ more... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with The Haunt

I’m sure that you get asked this a lot but what is it like being siblings in a band? What are the plus points and what problems, if any, does such a relationship come with? The Haunt: It’s definitely a lot less complicated than people think. The biggest plus of being siblings in a band... Continue Reading →

No Love – Taj (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Perhaps more than any other creative form, due to its immediacy and mobility, music is often the fastest medium to reflect ongoing events. I’m sure the upheaval of recent times - the pandemic, political divisions, looming economic isolation (I’m writing this from the UK remember) and the renewed drive for racial and gender equality -... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation With Johnny Chops

As someone who is used to spending a significant amount of time making and performing music, how hard has it been to find yourself removed from that routine? Johnny Chops: It’s been a difficult adjustment. I’ve been steadily performing every week for almost 20 years. Having that completely disappear overnight has really taken a toll.... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with The Wolfhounds

The Wolfhounds have gone against the F. Scott Fitzgerald adage of there being no second act. What is different about being a band and making music in 21st century to your 80’s experience of the same? The Wolfhounds: We’re ‘Band Interrupted’, really – we never ran out of ideas first time around, just time and... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Town Meeting

You often get tagged as being “folk-rock” but it is easy to hear that there is much more going on in the music. What are your biggest influences musically and otherwise? Town Meeting: We all grew up listening to a lot of different styles of music but collectively we are deeply rooted in folk, rock... Continue Reading →

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