Evolution – D.U.Nx.G. (D.U. Next Generation) (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the name suggests D.U.Nx.G. (D.U. Next Generation) is what happens when the next generation gets the opportunity to write a new chapter in a band's already long history and also the sound of a new hip-hop supergroup keeping a legacy alive. As one-time D.U. member Tupac once said, "You either evolve or become irrelevant,"... Continue Reading →

Fine Smoke – Gear (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any scene, sound or style is created through the building of sonic pyramids. These start by the establishment of a solid platform as a musical base, followed by additional layers of reinterpretation and evolution, creativity and flashes of inspiration, leading to a pinnacle upon which the current bands of that scene sits.  And it isn't... Continue Reading →

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