Come Back Stronger – Pier Lights (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When most creative people were bemoaning their lack of freedom, lack of access to their art-spaces and stages, creating a wave of, often, let’s face it uninspired, live-stream shows from their downstairs toilet due to pandemic imposed strictures, at least two people were swimming against the tide of lockdown's lack-lustre reactions. After all if an... Continue Reading →

Verde Lauro releases sophomore album, 6 Aprile

'6 Aprile' is the second album by Verde Lauro, created by the Italian-Swiss singer Fabrizio Sassi, which follows the debut album 'Son animali al mondo' which saw the participation of numerous guests, including Roberto Tiranti and Alessandro Del Vecchio Unlike "Son animali al mondo", this second chapter was designed and created to be played live. The orchestrations were reduced and the verses were... Continue Reading →

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