Otras Canciones –  No Te Va Gustar (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We use music genres as a short hand of sorts, we all know what to expect when we see the term rock music or folk attached to a musical description, maybe things such as post-rock or trip-hop are a bit more vague but it gives us a place to start from. And whilst such terms are useful, they don’t take into account the geographical influences, the culture inspiration and the things that are sucked into the music via osmosis just by virtue of where the music is being made, physical speaking. Would rock music being written in Northern China have that much in common with that penned in Western Africa? Probably not.

And so it is with No Te Va Gustar, a rock band from Montevideo who make music which naturally drips with the rhythms and rhymes, the cultural sonic fingerprint and the vibe of their South American home. With a gentle, acoustic infused rock music at its core, Otras Canciones is a show case of the band and their music, the documentation of a live spectacle as much as a conventional album and as such features many songs that don’t always find their way on to the bill.

Musically it is a joy, and onto that rock-oustic base they have found plenty of room to hang all manner of musical trappings, from brassy accompaniment to latin grooves to deft classical acoustic guitar work to sultry traditional atmospherics and much more besides. Both a great place to start for the first time listener and a fantastic summation for the long time fan and of course if you think all rock music sounds the same, no matter where it calls home, then this is definitely for you.

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