Oh Dreamer –  The Brilliance (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The world seems to have taken some dark turns of late. Popularism and media fear is driving a more isolationist attitude and as such people seem to be using difference and diversity as a weapon rather than being something to be learned from and celebrated. It is why many people are questioning what it actually means to be human and how do those basic social traits compare with the attitudes currently gaining popularity. And when you put that questioning process to music it can become a powerful rallying cry.

Oh Dreamer is both a direct reference to the plight of “The Dreamers” in America’s ever more confused attitude towards its mission to offer new hope to the tired, poor and huddled masses, and a broader comment on modern attitudes towards colour, culture and creed. It’s also a gorgeous sweep of classical grander meets melancholic torch song, an understated anthem, a graceful and poignant question put to even more graceful and poignant music.

Never has political discourse sounded so beautiful.

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