Nothing In The Word Feels Better – Whole Damn Mess (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can always tell when a band has honed its craft, you know, really put the hours, the months, the years in, and the blend of deft songwriting and warm waves of vocal harmonies, the energy and the infectiousness which greets you here, speaks to this in no uncertain terms. So it comes as no surprise that the members of Whole Damn Mess have everyone from The Mighty Mighty BossTones to Billy Corgan to Mick Fleetwood on their speed dial.

But, unlike in many walks of life, making music isn’t about who you know, it’s about what you do, and what they do is fantastic. Nothing In The World Feels Better, takes a whole swathe of pop know-how and killer melodies, uses rock and roll energy to give the song the required drive and then wraps the whole thing is warm, West Coast harmonies. I can’t think of anything that they have forgotten. They have even thrown in some fantastic hey-heys by way of fun, sonic punctuation.

But most of all, it is the addictive positivity which is the real charm. We live in dark and often shallow times, so a song celebrating those moments when you feel that you have won life’s jackpot, the small things that have the biggest impact, is a joy to behold.

We could do with a slice of positivity in the world right now and this is just what the doctor ordered.

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