No Destination – Heather Whitty (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the things which is great about the modern musical world is the new found belligerence when it comes to genres and styles. In the past there were a few artists who never took much notice of where the various sonic demarcations lay and they were seen as outsiders and, sometimes, even trailblazers. Now, such a wilfully unfettered approach seems to be the norm and it makes today’s sonic playground a wonderful place to be.

No Destination is the sound of any number of musical worlds in creative collision. Heather’s vocals seem to wander between an ethereal, dream-pop haze and an old-school soul diva approach, the beats are a collision of contemporary clubland and a warped, jazz-infused vision of the future and between tit all the use of space to create atmosphere and ambience is quite skilfully done.

You can forget the conventional verse/chorus approach…I mean, those structures do contribute to the song, but they aren’t where you expect them to be, sometimes found in hypnotic repetition, other times seemingly dropping off the radar altogether in favour of something more unexpected.

I’m not saying that this is the sound of the future but…no, I am saying that this is the sound of the future and the future sounds like a great place to be. Musically speaking at least.

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