My Baby – Susana Esono (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

My Baby is a collection of songs inspired by the transient nature of life. A reminder that even the most precious things, and especially the people, can be taken away from us without warning. But it is also a reflection on the world round us and these two threads are woven lyrically and emotively through 5 tracks which blend heartfelt, bluesy deliveries with R&B grooves, pop sentiments with soulful passion.

But it is Susana Esono’s singular vocals which will undoubtedly be the talking point here. There is a rawness and an honesty to them, one which swaps the usual sound-alike vocal conventions for a more from-the-heart passion. The same uniqueness of delivery which makes people such as Tom Waits or Nick Cave unconventional rather than technically correct singers, and all the better for it in my humble opinion.

Susana Esono doesn’t follow the rules but that is what makes her stand out. Why follow the pack when you can go do things your own way? Why stick to the rules when you can write your own? Why surf current trends when you can express yourself in a way that better represents whom you are? Why indeed?

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