Gary Dranow describes his music as being made for the square pegs. You know, the people who don’t quite fit into society as easily as they might, the people who live life sightly on the outside track, those who don’t seem to live lives that equate to what society, TV adverts, zeitgeists, fashion, fads and whatever the movers and shakers say is the norm.

Well, is there such a thing as the norm? Probably not, but (Made It) Another Day is aimed at those of us (including myself) who often feel awkward, odd and other. Not in the “it’s cool to be weird” sort of way, but those of us who do think that we don’t conform to ordinary society’s rules and regulations.

Gary Dranow turned to music to help him cope with bipolar disorder and the effects of a stroke, but the song applies to all the waifs and strays found on society’s fringes.

It’s a cool, bluesy tune built on shuffling beats, sassy slide guitars, pulsing bass lines, and picked six-string dexterity. And, as is often the case, the lyrics are the most poignant, most potent aspect of the track.

(Made It) Another Day comes ahead of an EP release, Destiny Road, which is on the cards for early 2023 and promises to be a genre-defying, original and accessible collection of songs. More importantly, it will be a message of support and sympathy for anyone who also feels they are walking a difficult path. You are not alone, and (Made It) Another Day is your new soundtrack and personal anthem.

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