Let Me Know – Creeping Charlie (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Not to take anything away from the music but when you have a song with such great vocal dynamics, ones that remind you of Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer, that in itself is enough to sell the song. Well, it worked for me. All too often a singer seems to be just going where the melody of the guitars naturally take them, here, making a wonderful change from the norm, the vocals flow where the melody of the words seem to demand they go.

It’s a great approach, the verses and the pre-choruses in particular see both the vocals and the music behind it wandering loosely as the mood takes them, sometimes coming together to share sonic ground, at other times drifting away to create lovely counterpoints before meshing together to punch the chorus home.

And the players are able to do this because of the lightness of the touch with which they fashion the music, guitars float, bass lines carve out solid, simple yet tasteful platforms and the song-serving and unfussy beats, tie the whole thing together. This then frees up the vocals to dance daintily through these gentle musical pastures. Let Me Know, pastoral indie-pop at its finest.

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