If Feeling Good was the ultimate slice of sun-infused pop, then Late In The Morning takes a more considered path. Rather than the out-and-out explosive vibes, here we are led along a slow-burning, coiled and winding sonic path, one built of slashes of guitars and dark bass pulses, more restrained vocal intent and building atmospherics.

If the previous song was built on pop frivolity, then Late In The Morning uses spiralling rock energy to get to where it is going. It builds in tension as it adds weight to its sonic shell; it raises anticipation for a play-off that Indecent Proposal is smart enough not to deliver, keeping the listener focused as a result.

Most bands would follow such an upbeat track with something equally as poppish and buoyant. But Late In The Morning proves that Indecent Proposal isn’t most bands, and between these two singles, they show us just how wide a sonic spectrum they explore. And I, for one, can’t wait to see where it all goes next. How about you? I thought so.

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