Last Time – The Silent Boys (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something unashamedly 60’s about this latest single from The Silent Boys. But more than that it is the sound of that decade as reimagined by a whole host of 80’s indie bands. And then too, it is that combination of sounds, repositioned, repolished and repurposed for the audience of today. How meta is that?

And being a band with their heads in the eighties, their hearts in the sixties and their (Chelsea?) boots in the 21st century, they play music that both succinctly and richly captures that 60-year span. As main man Wallace Dietz explains, he is “always trying to write the perfect pop song that uses the most memorable melodies I can imagine,” and I have to admit that Last Time comes closer than any song I have heard in a long time.

But then with references as diverse and delicious as REM, The Cure, Neil Young and The Smiths, they were always going to be a band after my own heart.

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